How To Make Money From SharePoint

I start the year having quit my job, and so figuring out how I can make money from the knowledge and skills that I have is something close to my heart right now. 

Here’s how I think it is possible to start to make money and build a business around SharePoint:

  • Contracting, pure and simple. Despite the economic downturn, there is still a shortage of skilled SharePoint staff.  This is the easiest option to generate cash quickly.
  • Consultancy services.  Different from contracting, in that you pitch for a project or part of a project.  Likely to be fixed price delivery. Some revenues from selling product licences too.
  • Training for developers, administrators or end-users.  SharePoint devs and admins are pretty well served for training options, but customers always ask me about end-user training.  To date I am yet to see any stand-out options here.  There is a gap I think for good quality end-user training.
  • Build a product to fill a gap in the platform. The traditional Microsoft partner business model.  These could be developer or administrator tools, or end-user focussed components or web parts.
  • Build a product on top of the platform. Likely to involve tailoring the platform for a specific vertical market and problem area.
  • Shake up a stale industry. Use SharePoint as a tool, not an end.  Take an existing industry, likely something information heavy, filled with small players using traditional methods to deliver their product and service, then use knowledge of SharePoint and related collaboration and UC tools to deliver the service at a lower cost and/or with better customer service.

Is there anything else I have missed?


5 thoughts on “How To Make Money From SharePoint

  1. Hi Mark!
    Well done on the big step – I trust that it would be, like it was for me – the best thing ever.
    I want to talk to you urgently – we could do some interesting stuff together. Contact me please!
    Alfred Biehler

  2. Hi,

    in principle you got it all.

    Additionally obviously there are options around SharePoint delivery, you could focus on e.g. device centric delivery (mobile device for specific purposes) and build custom solutions out of the box on top of SharePoint, and also specifically offer SharePoint as ASP for SMEs.

    The interesting bit for me is what type of business are you will be approaching and whether or not you want to focus on an industry specific or on a broader solution. Obviously there are SharePoint hosting is out there for smaller businesses and also Office Live, so really it appears to me that you would look at 100+ users as the minimum installation size – or you would have a solution that will deliver a quick ROI for your customer.

    Another quick idea for cash is to market existing products for SharePoint, rather than spending a lot of time building them, possibly as part of your consultancy services. Or to buy a product that doesn’t sell and change it a little, watch it grow successful and then sell it to Microsoft for a few million 😉

    Hey, the sky is the limit.

    Best of luck,


  3. I was thinking to setup a free video game site which provides incentive to all visitors to play. Lots of potentials. Japanese got doing it and many small startups are making millions of dollars a month…what do you think?

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