Chrome OS and Windows 7…some thoughts

Wow.  Great piece from Mary-Jo Foley today, bringing some old fashioned common sense to the news today of Google’s planned Chrome OS.  Many of the points, I was going to make – but Mary-Jo, you have saved me the job, and done it far more eloquently than I ever could.

A few extra thoughts from me:

  1. Microsoft is laser-focussed on its competitors. It does its best work when it has good, solid competition.  Mary-Jo writes that Chrome OS is good for consumers, PC makers and Microsoft too.  And I agree.  Look how the Office suite has evolved in leaps and bounds since early this decade, when Open Office reared it’s head.  It’s been too long since Windows had some real competition.
  2. Microsoft will defend Windows to the hilt. Not many people outside MS, for instance, realise that the reason it pumped billions of dollars into making XBox a success was not because it wanted to be in the games business, but because it wanted to defend Windows market share.  Don’t get it?  If you recall, 7-8 years back, there were lots of rumours about Sony using its (then) dominance in the home entertainment market to turn Playstation into something more sophisticated that might threaten home PC sales.
  3. There has been talk of a Google OS since 2006 at least. Know that Microsoft will have a plan ready to swing into action for this.  I’m looking forward to finding out what that is. It might include the ideas from the Gazelle project, or something else.  But whatever happens, we will be the winners, benefitting from more innovation, more choice and lower prices.

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