4 Great Reasons to use Social Media

  1. If your customers, competitors or partners are using social media, why wouldn’t you?
  2. No matter how big you are, you cannot hire all the smartest people. It doesn’t mean they are inaccessible.
  3. Your customers and clients are co-shaping your reputation. Do you know what they are saying?
  4. You can spot trends by monitoring …but only monitor what would cause you to act.

All too often, businesses block access to tools that they deem irrelevant to employees work and a drain on productivity. But why block employee access to tools that your customers are using? It’s a false assumption. You may as well ban email because for sure people will be sending irrelevant emails during the day. Instead, provide the tools but have clear policies regarding their use and the consequences of their misuse.

With thanks to Sharon Richardson and her two great posts from the Dell Social Media Huddle: Trends Part 1 and Community Matters.


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